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Rik Brown Macebell Certification

E0049820-0D42-4F62-B3C0-3B31711374B9Rik Brown, one of the world’s leading authorities in Macebell training will inform, educate, and inspire you with the history of the Mace, as both a weapon and as a training tool.



Throughout the course candidates will learn:

Those lucky enough to attend will learn safety and proper use of grip in both two hand and one hand moves, warm ups and stretches to promote stronger tendons and life long training.

Some, but not all of the moves covered:

  • The hand to hand toss
  • The Grave digger
  • The Barbarian squat
  • The giant Punch
  • The Ballistic Curl
  • The Leverage Press
  • The Russian Twist

The most important moves and the most time spent will cover the 10 to 2 and the 360°. These will be taught and stressed for safety and with a performance standard that will be based on people’s bodyweight. The 360° move will be taught for both one and two hand versions.

Workout design and sport specific routines will also presented. The trainer’s who attend will be introduced to the Mace and will leave with a thorough knowledge of how to use and instruct others with these incredible strength building tools.

Sponsored by Wolverson Fitness, each trainer who attends the days certification will leave with an 8kg Macebell.

Course Price

£230.00 (includes a Wolverson Fitness 8kg Macebell)

Deposit: £100 to secure your space.

Course Date

Claymore Crossfit, Perth
Course Code Macebell
23rd September 2018