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Dr Andrew Chappell PhD

Andrew has recently joined Fitness Training Scotland and will be delivering across all qualifications in the near future.


  • PhD Nutrition
  • MSc Human Nutrition and Metabolism
  • BSc (Honors) Sport and Exercise Science
  • HND Health, Fitness and Exercise
  • HNC Health Fitness and Exercise


Andrew is a Pro Natural Bodybuilder who has been training and competing for over 10 years. He competes with the Drug Free Athletes Coalition in professionally sanctioned contests and is previously a five time British Champion with the British Natural Bodybuilding Federation as well as a World amateur champion. Andrew also has judged physique contests for over 7 years and has judged at British and World Finals. Andrew also regularly competes in Strongman and Powerlifting events.

Andrew holds a PhD from the Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health and is a Dr of Nutrition. He also holds a BSc (honors) degrees in Sport and Exercise Science and a MSc in Human Nutrition and Metabolism. He is a published author in field of muscle soreness and exercise, the influence of agronomy and environment on the nutritional composition of cereal crops,and the influence of dietary fibre on the human gut microbiota.

He writes for “Shredded Beef” magazine, has recently been published in the “Alan Aragon Research Review” and has featured in the “Sigmanutrition” podcast show and presented at both the Nutrition Society and the Royal Society.

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